Drug Charges

There are over two million people in prison or jail in the United States of America.  A larger than necessary portion of these people are non-violent offenders serving time for drug offenses.  The “War on Drugs” often sends people who possess small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs to prison, disrupting the lives of their families with devastating effects such as the loss of a mother or father, and the possible loss of an income to the household.

At the D&O Law Group we advise and aggressively represent individuals charged with misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy or prescription drugs.  Whether police seized evidence against you in a traffic stop, street stop, search warrant or other manner, we can help.  You cannot afford to take narcotics charges lightly.

You may be charged with possessing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, prescription drugs or another controlled substance.  If you possessed narcotics paraphernalia or enough of a controlled substance,  your charges may be raised to possession with intent to deliver.   Should you be within a certain distance of a school/church or other protected place your penalties may be raised severely.  Such factors can determine whether probation is possible in your case.  If you are charged with possession with intent to deliver cannabis or other controlled substance, or delivery of controlled substance, you need to contact the D&O Law Group as soon as possible.  The penalties for these offenses are often far more serious than penalties for simple possession of the same substances.

The attorneys at the D&O Law Group have the knowledge to challenge evidence gathered against individuals whether it is obtained by an illegal search of your automobile or person, consenting to a search of your home or auto, a search warrant, or delivering drugs to an undercover officer or confidential informant.  At the D&O Law Group, such evidence will not go unchallenged.

Boris Djulabic and Camilo Oceguera are trained to be aware of other options leading to the deferment or even dismissal of your drug charges.  Resolutions of your case, such as supervision, conditional discharge, and drug court are options that Boris and Camilo can explore for you.

While keeping alternative resolutions in mind, the attorneys at the D&O Law Group maintain an aggressive posture towards fighting your case, challenging every bit of evidence against you.  Boris and Camilo have tried thousands of narcotics hearings, motions, and trials.  There are often holes in police evidence gathering that that only a trained eye can spot.  They know weak evidence when they see it, and are prepared to fight on your behalf.

Boris and Camilo may file motions if appropriate, which can reduce or eliminate the State’s evidence against you.  It is often possible to have charges dismissed after discovering problems with the way police gathered evidence, or conducted their investigation of you.  Rely on Boris and Camilo’s keen eye to spot issues in your case and to negotiate with the State when appropriate.  If needed, they will also fight your case through hearings, motions, and bench or jury trial.  They will always keep your interests at heart.  Don’t delay, contact the D&O Law Group and start working on your case today.

We can protect your rights.

Drug offenses can result in a broad range of criminal consequences. Contact us if you’ve been charged with a drug crime, to discuss your legal rights.