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Good people find themselves in tough situations, and need help right now.  If arrested, you or your loved one still have many rights that need to be protected. Let the trial lawyers of the D&O Law Group stand guard over your rights.

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in Real Estate

Over forty million dollars of opportunity and success for our clients…That’s how much real estate Boris Djulabic and Camilo Oceguera have helped their clients buy and sell since founding the D&O Law Group, LLC in 2015!

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Dedicated to protecting your rights

We strongly believe that everyone deserves equal rights. That’s why we put our clients first on our way to justice and truth. Our team is focused on delivering quality and value to all of our clients.

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Devoted to justice

Find the support you need when fighting for your rights. We want to bring you peace of mind and assure you that your best interests are ours as well. Nothing is more important to us.

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How We Can Help You

Good people find themselves in tough situations, and need help right now.  If you or your loved one find yourself in need of legal protection, let the lawyers of the D&O Law Group stand guard over your rights.


Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal charge that can drastically affect your life. Losing the privilege can be devastating . We can help reinstate your license before the case has been resolved.

Drug Charges

We can help advise and aggressively represent individuals charged with misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy or prescription drugs.

Gun Charges

Whether your are transporting a firearm, knife, stun gun or other legal weapon, the method of transport can be the difference between being a law abiding citizen and becoming a convicted felon. We can help protect you against serious weapons charge.

Real Estate

The amount of negotiation, forms, and legal knowledge required to successfully negotiate a transaction involving hundreds of thousands of dollars is a daunting task.  We take on these tasks so you can relax.

Family Law

We maintain a network of trusted partners and associates who specialize in family law to get you the best representation possible.

Traffic Charges

What may seem like minor traffic offenses (speeding, red light, stop sign, driving without insurance) can have devastating impacts on your life. We can help avoid stiff penalties by clearing up your Illinois traffic records and avoiding costly court proceedings.

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