Why D&O?  Because things happen and life comes at you fast.  Perhaps you or a loved one suddenly finds themselves charged with a misdemeanor, felony, DUI, or traffic offense.  Good people find themselves in tough situations, and need help right now.  Time is always of the essence.  If arrested, you or your loved one still have many rights that need to be protected.  As former Assistant State's Attorneys, Boris and Camilo developed a keen eye for police procedures, policies, and legal requirements for collecting evidence.  Let the litigators of the D&O Law Group stand guard over your rights.

Perhaps you've found the home of your dreams and need the help of an attorney.  Real estate deals often work on very tight timeframes.  Days, and even hours can make or break your transaction.  Boris & Camilo understand these needs and formed the D&O Law Group to help those in need.   Let them stand by your side as you make the biggest purchase or sale of your life.  

 Call or email us 24 hours a day for a consultation, and let us help you develop a plan to resolve your legal needs.