DUI charge to Breath of fresh air - 5.0 stars - Posted February 8, 2017

  • Boris and his partner, Cam, were relentless in decreasing my DUI charge to Reckless Driving. Every step of the way, they were informative, professional, and kind. Within the Bridgeview Courthouse, they are very experienced, punctional and well-respected.

  • Boris and Cam are up front and honest, and they get the job done ASAP. My case was finished within 3 months. 

  • What started off as a horrible situation, ended with a breath of fresh air. Thanks guys!

Fantastic attorney- clients loved him for real estate transaction  -5.0 stars - Posted December 16, 2016

  • Boris is a fantastic attorney. He's thorough, attentive, always there when I have questions and was the perfect attorney for the clients I had. He was specifically patient when we had a tricky estate sale together and was patient and took the time to go over every detail with every family member to ensure everyone had a full understanding of what was going on. Boris was a joy to work with and looked out for his clients best interest every step of the way. I would recommend him without a doubt!

Borris - 5.0 stars - Posted by Ehab - December 6, 2016

  • I had a case that I was worrying about because im too young to be getting in trouble but once I hired borris and we talked i felt so much better. He told me not to worry and he is going to do his best to get me off the hook. He was a man of his word and now i dont have a record. Best law firm to deal with of you need help

Boris Djulabic - 5.0 stars - Posted by Sarah  - November 18, 2016

  • Boris was excellent! Well informed, well prepared and was with us every step of the way with whatever we needed!

Hero in Closing - 5.0 stars - Posted by Anastacia , September 27, 2016 -

  •  I called Boris 4 days before we closed on our home. Originally we were not going to use a lawyer, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE WE ALMOST MADE!  Boris was able to rearrange his schedule so that we closed on time and I am so glad that he was there. He did catch a few things that would have had us on the line for an extra...

No Regrets with My Lawyer!!! - 5.0 stars - Posted by Nicole - September 24, 2016

  • I hired Camilo Oceguera on short notice, hoping I finally was in contact with a lawyer that would take my case seriously & do his best to prove my case & that's exactly what he has done! He has went above & beyond. I couldn't have hired any one better... I would definitely recommend him as I already have & I will definitely keep him as my own lawyer!!

Great, dependable attorney - 5.0 stars - Posted by Jennie  - August 27, 2016

  • Boris, was a pleasure to work with. He is a great attorney, always returns phone calls, questions and concerns promptly. He is very knowledgeable in his field. I was very confident that my best interest was his priority. He is genuine and honest and trustworthy. 

Excellent service - 5.0 stars - Posted by Sue - August 26, 2016

  • Boris has handled two real estate matters for me. In both instances he was just superb. He explained every step of the way and was always reachable when it was important. You simply could not ask for better representation.

Real Estate Lawyer - 5.0 stars - Posted by Taylor - September 11, 2016

  • Boris worked with us to sell a house. He provided us with adequate communication to make the process move smoothly. He provided us with the paperwork or guidance necessary to continually move the process forward. His emails were appropriate in terms of detail and brevity.

Best decision - DUI case - Agust 26, 2016

  • I was recently charged with a DUI. I met with about a dozen lawyers. I contacted D & O Law Group and Boris (Cam's partner) replied to me hours later, while on vacation. I met with Cam the next day. He was very honest and direct. He explained all possible actions we could take and the possible outcomes in layman's terms. I was terrified and overwhelmed, but Cam's knowledge of the legal system, his experience as a State Attorney, and his passion about his career put me at ease. I instantly knew that he was the right lawyer for me. I was told that the entire DUI process required tons of patience because it was a long process. Yet, Cam was able to get my charges dropped after two months. I can't begin to explain the huge amount of relief I felt. He is amazing and puts in long hours at the office everyday and it's evident in the results. I would ONLY trust Cam & Boris with any legal matters and would highly recommend them.

Boris is awesome - 5.0 stars - Posted by Joe  August 16, 2016

  • Boris handled a tricky real estate close for us. He was incredibly responsive throughout the entire process and took all of the worry out of the transaction. We felt our best interests were greatly protected throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Boris and his firm for all legal needs.

Lawyer - 5.0 stars - Posted by Edwin - August 9, 2016 -

  • I've worked with Boris in the past and he has always been professional and a great attorney. I would recommend him to anyone that's seeking legal help. He was able to help me resolve a legal matter on one court day, you will not be disappointed

Very impressive lawyer - 5.0 stars - Posted by Peter - July 14, 2016

  • I was more than pleased with Boris handling my property hearing. He was very professional, kept me well informed with updates regarding the case and completed everything quickly and efficiently. His attention to detail was second to none. I highly recommend Boris for any and all legal issues that you may have.

Complaint filed by neighbor for noise - 5.0 stars - Posted by Ron  - July 9, 2016

  • went to trial, the complaint was dismissed,there was no violation.Boris handled the case with professionalism and was well prepared. I would recommend any one to retain him as a attorney.

Highly recommend! - 5.0 stars - Posted by Ashley  - July 5, 2016

  • Boris was recommended to us through our real estate agent and I could not have been more pleased! Boris was efficient and prompt with responses. We dealt with very difficult buyers and we could not have been as successful as we were without his expertise and professionalism. We appreciated his advice throughout the process and would not hesitate to hire him again. Personally, I trusted him wholeheartedly to make sure we got the best deal possible. He made the experience of dealing with difficult buyers that would otherwise have been very upsetting, bearable. Thank you!

Charlie, Chicago - Rating: 10 Comments:

  •  "Went above and beyond ensuring everyone was on the same page resulting in a successful closing."

Kleanthis - Rating: 10 Comments: 

  • "Boris knows the business inside out. He's prompt to respond to any concerns, gave us good legal advice when it came to the best way to proceed forward and was a tough negotiator. He worked great with us trying to deal with very difficult buyers and was able to help us with the closing while we were in the other side of the world. Highly recommended."

Excellent attorney - 5.0 stars - Posted by Kleo - June 27, 2016 -

  •  Used Boris for our real estate transaction in Chicago. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and particularly useful in dealing with difficult and peculiar buyers. Highly recommend Boris for any real estate transaction, he made the whole experience be so much smoother.

Wonderful attorney - 5.0 stars - Posted by Jackie - June 22, 2016 - 

  • When I helped a family member sell her multi-unit building, it wasn't an easy transaction. But Boris made it feel that way! The buyer's attorney dropped the ball multiple times. We only were able to still close on time due to Boris' hard work, persistence, and action. I recommend him to everyone who will listen.

Helped with the most difficult closing - 5.0 stars - Posted by Brett - June 22, 2016

  • Boris was referred from a family member and 100% recommend. Boris has helped me in two separate closings. One on the buyers side and once on the sellers. Both have been difficult closing that would have never made it to the closing table if it wasn't for Boris's hard work. Very great at problem solving.


House closing 5.0 stars - Posted by Gerardo - June 16, 2016

  • Boris was great through out the whole process. He was on point with contacting the people he had too. He made sure that we were receiving all the tax credits, making sure we weren't charged for extra stuff that weren't required. He was always accessible and very nice to talk too. I definitely recommend Boris to anyone. I couldn't asked for a better lawyer!!!


Made it easy!  - 5.0 stars - Posted by Stacy
May 6, 2016

    • Boris was recommended to us by our Redfin agent Jackie Colando. Boris called me back an hour after my inquiry 'meet & greet' call within an hour. Did I mention that I called him on a weekend?! He was ready to get to work on our condo sale right away. He made sure that we fulfilled all necessary requirements in a timely fashion and made sure that it wasn't overwhelming. He was on top of requirements and deadlines. Boris is both polite and professional. We'd recommend to anyone selling a condo in Chicago.

    •  "Boris, who was recommended by our agent Jackie Colando, made the legal part of our condo sale easy. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He made sure that we didn't drop the ball and with that our closing went smoothly. Boris' support was critical to minimizing the potential legal stress of our sale."

  • $321K Condo Seller (Closed) Aug 1, 2016 - Chicago, IL [West Side] - Boris was wonderful to work with! He made the buy

  • Excellent Real Estate Attorney! - 5.0 stars - Posted by Charlie  - April 22, 2016

    • Had a buyer who insisted on a two week close. Boris really pulled through to help me meet the buyer's deadline. Any obstacles were handled without a hitch. All concerns were promptly addressed. Will definitely be using Boris's services in the future.

  • Very helpful and informative attorney - 5.0 stars - Posted by Krista

    • April 17, 2016 - Boris was my attorney for my first property sale. I had many questions because I had never been through the process before. Boris was very patient and answered all of my questions via phone or email. He was also willing to be tough with the buyers side when we needed to get things going. I always felt like he was on my side in trying to accomplish our goals.

  • Real Estate Closing - 

    • 5.0 stars - Posted by Matthew  - March 31, 2016 - Boris was outstanding from beginning to end in our home buying process. All correspondence was very timely and he obviously had our best interest in mind. When issues arose with the banks, seller, etc. Boris always went above and beyond to ensure that we were put in the best position possible. Boris is very hardworking and personable, and will do whatever it takes to provide exemplary results, I highly recommend him.

  • Attentive and hardworking lawyer 5.0 stars - Posted by Kate  - March 31, 2016 - 

    • We are first-time home buyers and Boris made the process move smoothly, despite some hiccups with the closing/seller. He is extremely attentive (will respond immediately to any questions), personable and hardworking. I highly recommend Boris!

  • Like family - 5.0 stars - Posted by a client - March 25, 2016

    • Boris and his team care when they take on a case they want you to be in the best possible situation and they go to bat for you hard. When I was falsely arrested for DUI Boris and his team defended me and made sure my license would never be suspended, I was so relieved to hear that I had a lot of options and they could easily defend me. 
      In court when the judge almost didn't rule on my case for supervision along with community service and fines, Boris worked hard to convince him that it had been fact checked already and that I was eligible for supervision since it was only a first offense. 
      I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am in a positive position to continue my life without it being completely ruined by the law. 
      There are countless examples of Boris going above and beyond the normal calling they are good men and they will take care of you like family, at least that's what it felt like to me. 
      If you're reading this you should already be calling them.

  • Cannot believe the experience shown in the courtroom - 5.0 stars - Posted by Xavier  - March 25, 2016 -

    • From start to finish Boris really knew his stuff told me exactly what he thought was my defense and helped me keep my license from ever being suspended. I live out of state and the terms of my supervision could not have been any better. Instead of a DUI I only had a reckless and my felony charge was dismissed altogether. With this team on your side they make the law work for you. I'm not through the woods yet but at least they made sure my life didn't go off the rails. I would highly recommend Boris and his team to my family still living in Illinois.

  • Protect Your Future - 5.0 stars - Posted by Nathan  - March 14, 2016

    • Unprovoked interactions with law enforcement can take you by surprise, and your future can quickly be jeopardized. Unjust charges brought against you are of serious matters and should not be taken lightly. I would not trust any other Attorney in these types of situations. Boris Djulabic is more than qualified and experienced in Criminal Defense, with the knowledge and skill set to handle any unjust criminal litigation or legal action charged against you. With an impressive track record and work history, he understands the legal processes and potential outcomes for the situation. Boris has outstanding communication and client relation skills and I was very comfortable working with him throughout my case. He was understanding of my situation and was very clear on what he was going to do and the possible outcomes he could achieve for me. There was never any doubt or uncertainty of what was going to happen. Boris was more than successful in handling my case, amending and erasing multiple unjust charges brought against me by law enforcement. My future would have been easily tarnished with out his professional work. His experience continued to show even after the amendment was agreed upon by the court. He caught a crucial error made by a clerk, who did not include the amendment it in the official report, leaving one the original charges against me. We can only hope it was an honest mistake on the court's behalf, but his experience, knowledge and professionalism truly showed in every step of the process. It is hard to put into words how truly great Boris Djulabic is, and I fail to do him justice. I am forever thankful for his work and dedication. I highly recommend Boris to anyone who finds themselves in a unjust situation with the law. Your life and future is worth protecting, Boris will make sure it is.

  • Construction Zone Speeding - 5.0 stars - Posted by a client - March 14, 2016

    • Attorney Djulabic was able to review the case of extenuating circumstances with the District Attorney prior to the case being called. Though the case was dismissed due to the arresting officer not showing, it was reassuring to know that this attorney's preparatory work should have resulted in a favorable outcome if it had been called.

  • John S - 5.0 stars - Posted by John - March 7, 2016

    • As with most people I learned that when you need to call a lawyer is one of the lowest times of your life. But during my first meeting with Mr. Djulabic and his partner Cam, my worst fears were quickly dashed, and within a very short time my case was resolved in the most favorable outcome for me. when this nightmare started it was like Good Friday and when it was over it seemed more like Christmas to me. I will use these men in the future if I ever have the need again and I will recommend then to everyone I talk to.

  • Fantastic experience - 5.0 stars - Posted by Rurick

    • March 8, 2016I have worked with Boris as my real estate attorney for various transactions this past year. Not only is he professional and thorough, he is always accessible for any questions and concerns. In real estate, deadlines are key and Boris is always on top of things. Honestly, nothing but great experiences, have and will continue using Boris as my lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Maria - March 6, 2016

    • Boris did a closing for my mom and me. He was excellent! Very informative, responsive and attentive. I would highly recommend Boris to anyone who needs a real estate attorney.

  • Great Experience! - 5.0 stars - Posted by Joey March 4, 2016

    • Boris Djulabic assisted me with a traffic violation in cook county, Il. He was professional and available. Because of his involvement we achieved a favorable outcome. I would recommend him highly! The entire process and communication was great! Thank You!

  • Best Decision I've Made in Years  -5.0 stars - Posted by Matt - February 19, 2016

    • Boris was an amazing advocate. He was quick to respond to my initial inquiry, and then was very responsive throughout the process leading up to the court date. In court, has was a master. Using his knowledge from his prior professional experience as a state's attorney, he was able to get the attorney at the right time to plead down my speeding ticket from a Class A misdemeanor all the way down to a petty offense. In 5 minutes, he erased a month of worry and potentially years of obstacles in insurance and the job market. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • Pleasure to work with! - 5.0 starsPosted by Matt - March 2, 2016

    • My wife and I would recommend Boris in a heartbeat! He was not only extremely qualified, professional, and helpful, Boris was also personable and an overall pleasure to work with. Boris assisted us on the sale of our condo, as well as the purchase of our new home. He always made himself available to us whenever we needed him. Highly recommended!

  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Sivakumar  - March 3, 2016

    • Boris handled my Class B misdemeanor speeding ticket with ease, this was my first speeding ticket and was very nervous about the charges, however Boris was able to knock it down to a petty traffic offense with a much smaller fine and a supervision. He is very supportive and friendly.

  • Clapper buy/sell - 5.0 stars - Posted by Sarah - March 2, 2016

    • Boris was very responsive, and always on top of things. We could count on him to catch things that others might've missed. We never questioned if he had our best interest at heart. He's the best.

  • Real Estate Closings - 5.0 stars - Posted by Brian  - March 1, 2016

    • Boris handled the Closings on the sale and purchase of my family's home. He was professional, organized, and kept us informed of all that was happening. Both Closings took place on the same day and were completed quickly, with no suprises. I would strongly recommend Boris to anyone who is closing on the sale or purchase of a home.

  • Great Customer Service - 5.0 stars - Posted by a client  - February 26, 2016

    • I had a great experience with Boris. Not only was he able to assist with a favorable outcome to my case, but he was always available to explain the overall process. With each step, he could elaborate on the best case / worst case, what to expect, timing, etc. I would highly recommend his services

  • Highly Recommend - 5.0 stars- Posted by a client - February 26, 2016

    • Successfully completed a complicated real estate buy and sell in a limited time. Boris exceeded our expectations while staying in communication on all aspects of both deals. Trustworthy. Reliable. Competent. We highly recommend!

  • Couldn't have asked for better - 5.0 stars - Posted by Jackie   - February 26, 2016

    • There can't be any other lawyers than Boris and Cam. Both are highly intelligent and always put my mind to ease whenever I had a concern. They were always available to give me a quick and speedy response with any questions and/or concerns that I had and both were available via phone call or email. I was able to ask questions and learn a lot about the process of home buying, which was a plus. I felt 100% completely at ease with having them and I would use them again in a heart beat. 

  • Expertise and Knowledge - 5.0 stars - Posted by a client - February 25, 2016

    • D&O has been great, more specifically Boris. Quick to respond and with great knowledge. Boris told me everything I needed to know for my case and was spot on with predictions and what to expect. Made me feel at ease with his expertise and handling all the details.

  • Best Decision I've Made in Years  -5.0 stars - Posted by Matt - February 19, 2016

    • Boris was an amazing advocate. He was quick to respond to my initial inquiry, and then was very responsive throughout the process leading up to the court date. In court, has was a master. Using his knowledge from his prior professional experience as a state's attorney, he was able to get the attorney at the right time to plead down my speeding ticket from a Class A misdemeanor all the way down to a petty offense. In 5 minutes, he erased a month of worry and potentially years of obstacles in insurance and the job market. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • $405K Condo Seller (Closed) Dec 21, 2015 - Chicago, IL [Central Chicago]
    • Excellent and responsive service from Boris Djulabic. He was on top of the key needed action, worked to take care of issues and was a pleasure to work with.
  • The Best Criminal Defence Lawyer Around - 5.0 Stars = Posted by a client 
    • I can't say enough good things about Boris Djulabic. There isn't even enough space to write all the glowing positive things I have to say about Boris as a lawyer and human being. Boris is extremely experienced and knows the right people. For years he worked for the state prosecuting narcotics cases. Now he is on the other side defending. He couldn't be a more perfect person to defend you. He is known and loved by the people he used to work for in the court system. When walking in the courtroom, Boris was greeted with friendly hellos by the prosecutors. He is well respected. It was extremely relieving to see my lawyer was known, liked and respected by the men trying to put me in jail. Boris will work hard and put in overtime on your case. I've been through the court system before and did not have the experience that I had with Boris. He cares about people and isn't going to just charge you for a quick meeting. He will put in the time to make sure he wins the case for you. I was being charged with several Class X drug dealing and possession charges. Boris got them all dropped to one simple little possession of a controlled substance charge. Which in my case, is like getting off free.  My life could have been ruined in a different attorney's hands. I could have easily served years in jail. With Boris I am free to live my life and forget about this whole mess I got myself into. I truly respect and honestly even admire Boris. He is best lawyer you will find. Hard working, dedicated, intelligent, experienced, friendly... I don't have enough positive adjectives to describe this wonderful man.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by ali  - 28 over speed

    • I got speeding ticket which 28 over speed . Mr.Camilo was great and helpful and he did not asked for money till he finished. And he solved the case without any problem he was humble and understood every single thing in my case and he asked the attorney to reduced my speeding ticket and they did.MR.Camilo is the best

  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Danielle  - DUI
    • My boyfriend got arrested for a DUI. I, thankfully, found Boris this website. We met him at his office and he made us feel so much better after we left. I was worried because he needs his license in order to get to work. Before for the case was even over he got his drivers license back. Boris was worth every penny,
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Christina  - 
    • Handled a difficult real estate transaction like a pro!  Thanks to Boris and Cam for handling our very non-traditional real estate deal like pros! They kept us informed and were there every step of the way! Thanks guys!!5.0 stars
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Kevin - Real Estate
    • Cam worked diligently going above and beyond his call to duty to make sure our real estate transaction closed on time. With bad information given from another party in the transaction, he was able to get to the bottom of the issue and get it resolved without delay.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by JD  = Squashed the case!
    • Boris helped my boy who was big trouble on a criminal case. After being arrested and facing a year in jail he needed a tough lawyer. Boris came in and fought hard for him. At the end of the day Boris got the case dropped and he did not pay anything. I will definitely call Boris if I get into trouble!
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by a client  - Great traffic lawyer
    • I was picked up for driving on a suspended license and facing jail time. I found Boris and he was very helpful from the very start. He asked me exactly what happened and told me what to expect. He was able to answer all my questions and was willing to talk to me about things unlike other lawyers. He was in the court room before I even got there and found me right away. He did an amazing job and got all the charges dropped. I didn't even have to pay a fine. I would never go with a different lawyer.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Brett - Selling a House
    • Calling Boris when we needed an attorney while selling our house was the best decision we made. He did a great job of keeping us informed, and always had our best interests as his top priority. Boris went above and beyond to make sure all of our questions were answered, and that everything was smooth during the sale of our home. After the sale was complete and we moved into our new home he called multiple times to make sure everything went well with the move. We will always call Boris for any future real estate transactions.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Jason  - Highly Recommended
    • I had Boris as my attorney when selling my first house. He was very helpful and made sure that I was covered in every aspect. When I bought the house, I spoke to that lawyer only once and I'm not even sure if they were at the closing. With Boris, it was a completely different story. He always kept me informed and was willing to answer any questions that I had. I don't care who the real estate agent recommends, I will always go to Boris for future sells/purchases.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by a client  - Hard working Lawyer
    • I called Camilo because I was facing a 6-303 felony because of a DUI, where I was facing prison time. Without going into specifics, Camilo met with me to listen, hear my side and help me through this difficult situation. He fought very hard for me and I avoided going to jail. Because of his skill, knowledge and hard work, I did not have to be away from my family or lose my job. If I am ever in trouble...
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Patrick  - Selling Townhouse
    • Boris was awesome when I sold my townhouse. When dealing with sketchy realtors it was reassuring to know that he had my best interest in mind. I was able to let him handle all of the messy details of closing.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Olivier  - Real Estate Review
    • Boris recently assisted with a purchase of a second home in what was somewhat of a squirrelly transaction as neither the seller or buyers were using a real estate agent. Boris got involved early and was very responsive throughout. The deal ended up falling apart due to inspection issues but we will definitely use Boris on the next deal.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by a client  - Absolutely excellent attorney
    • Boris did an excellent job in helping us close on our house. He did a thorough job and kept us informed on everything in the process. He is very professional and works extrememly hard. I highly recommend Boris and will definitely call on him again if needed.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by Sean  - Fantastic attorney
    • Went above and beyond to solve several problems that arose with the sale and purchase of my former and current home. Can't recommend him highly enough.
  • 5.0 stars - Posted by K.S.  - First time DUI
    • I was arrested for my first D.U.I., which is a very scary and overwhelming process. I just didn't know where I could turn and find someone I could trust. I was given Attorney Camilo Oceguera's name by a friend. I came into his office and he took whatever time I NEEDED to answer all my questions and concerns. He explained the entire process and made it seem less confusing. He took care of me through the entire proceeding, even making sure my drivers license was in good standing. He is an attorney who's representation is steadfast from beginning to end.